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COVID 19 Safety procedures?

As the Pandemic imposes a new world order, we are committed to keeping our team members, partners and customers safe at all times by implementing strict guidelines and sanitization procedures across every step of our services.

Our fulfillment partners adhere to strict safety and hygiene guidelines, namely COVID19 safety procedures as per the regulations and procedures set by the governing bodies.

Shipping & Import Delays due to COVID 19?

As the world is undergoing challenging logistic and supply chain timelines due to COVID19, we might sometimes face shortage and low inventory depending on the supply by manufacturers and authorized importers in the respective markets where we operate.

If you have concerns about finding the right Fit Tires for your vehicle at the time you need to, head to our customer portal and Register your interest to Purchase in advance (3 / 6 / 12 Months ). Dawaleeb team will make sure to pursue your tires in time for your fitment date without delays. Just give us the Heads-up and we take care of the rest without any commitment from your side until your tires are here.