How to Read a Tire – Tire Information

DAWALEEB simplifies the Tire search & selection process to almost accurate results as received from the Car & Tire Manufacturers alike so that you always find the Right Tire Fit for your vehicle, and not just the Tires that fit.

We also make alternative Tire fitment recommendations based on Original Equipment listing provided by the manufacturers, so you have multiple & transparent choices.

It is also best to keep you in the KNOW for yourself! So we simplified the “How to read Tire Size” to the following:


The Middle East & GCC mostly use Metric Tire sizes. You will find the Tire size chart on the Sidewall of your tire as per the image above.

“Note: Some Car models have different Front tire sizes than Rear.”

Tread Depth: Tire Tread Depth is one of the most important indicators of Tire health and performance. It is critical to check the tire depth regularly to make sure your tires are safe for you and your vehicle. Always check tire depth in different locations around the tires to make sure tread wear is consistent around the whole rubber. If you require any assistance in measuring Tread wear, visit one of our listed service center or drop us a note and we will assist you.

“Some regions around the world use Inch system. If you need help in Conversion to inch for special tires, pls get in touch with our team via this (ps with Q&A preloaded).”

Tire Types can vary according to the following main categories:


Some performance tires are more sophisticated and indicate specific Directional and Rotation specifications. If at doubt, reach out to us for advise and assistance at any time.